What are you doing to lead the way with your digital marketing content?


I wrote an email for my list this fortnight about what to do when you are feeling overwhelmed. If you’d like to join my email list and get a fortnightly email with my digital marketing thoughts and practical tips then sign up!

When looking through my old newsletters to repurpose for my blog, I found this one, which I’ve rewritten slightly but I think is the other side of the same coin. If you are feeling overwhelmed, is that because you aren’t leading the conversation with your content?

You are the expert in your business, you should be leading it. Of course, everyone is welcome in the community around your business, but no ones business is like yours, remember that when you are thinking about how to show up through your digital marketing.

In the past I’ve had various social media accounts for my own business. I know that I’ve felt like keeping my accounts going for my business, has been a slog at times. It hasn’t felt like fun and when I’ve been less than inspired I’ve scrolled through my feed looking at the accounts that I follow to see what is going on.

The odd thing catches my eye, but overall I’ve felt like I’ve created a vicious circle that I now need to get out of. As I’m coming to Instagram, and my other channels, without a clear idea of why I’m there, I’ve been sucked in to whatever is going on at that time instead and swept up in things that before I would have noted, perhaps looked at, but then just moved on from. Some of them are negative, but some of them are just me spending time comparing my account to others and we all know comparison can end badly.

So how can we get back to leading the conversation?

I’m not saying that the key here is to just post and run. In fact, I totally believe that the opposite is true. There is always space to interact with your audience when you’re online and you should take every opportunity to do so.

But do make sure that you are intentional about why you are using digital marketing and what you are there to say. Lead the conversation when it comes to your accounts and content. Don’t be swayed by what others are doing, how they created their content, how they build their audience. Sure, there are tips to be had and always new things to try, but the core of your content is you and your business, and the more you keep that front and centre, the better your content, and by extension your business, will do.

Keep the creation of your content in mind. What do you want to say? How will you say it? What are you hoping to achieve by bringing this content to your audience today? Think of your digital marketing as the chance to start that business conversation that you’ve always wanted to have. I’m sure there is something in your business that you always want to tell people about what you do, lead with that, tell that story. That is what will start the charge that has your audience joining in with you along the way.

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