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It is getting towards the end of the year, and many of us are now focused on having a break at for Christmas. So I thought I’d post this, which first appeared on my email list in 2019, to tackle how to come back strong after taking a much needed break.

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So, let’s get into it, how do you pick up again with your digital marketing if you’ve had a bit of a break?

Time to take stock

I know that I’ve spoken about this before in terms of starting/restarting your digital marketing but any time you take some time off, it’s great to reflect.

One of the things that I think I had lost sight of before I took a break was what was at the core of my accounts. Why am I showing up on different social channels? What have I got to say? What is my core message? I’ve thought a lot about these questions over the break and put together some short sentences that explain on a high level what I’m trying to achieve with each account.

This gives me a great way to plan my content. I’ve had a few ideas over the past weeks and each time I’ve been able to think – does that fit with what I’m here to say? Then I can decide how to shape it and where to post it.

Get some new content going!

If, like me, time off allows your brain to reset and think of new ideas then don’t forget to capture those so that you can use them again when you’re back.

I often find that ideas for blogs, emails, new content, new courses etc. come to me when I’m taking a break so I’ll take some time now and then to just write them all done, with a few notes so I can remember what I meant when I’m back at my desk.

Now you’re back, have a look at those notes and get actioning!

Try something new

We all have great ideas all the time, but right after a break is a good time to try something new. If you’ve been itching to try out a new platform, or keep a regular blog schedule, then now is a great time. You might feel like you are back to square one with your social, but that need not be an issue, that could be a great strength. Start something new whilst everything feels a bit new all over again.

Getting the algorithm to love you again

It can feel like you are being punished for taking a break of any kind when it comes to social media. So often I see people who are open about the fact that they feel engagement tails off on Insta if they aren’t posting every day. Facebook is constantly trying to get you to boost posts and Twitter / X / whatever it’s called at the time you’re reading this (well certainly my timeline) seems to be full of current events and activism, which means you can feel out of the loop pretty quickly.

It can make you feel like starting again is an uphill climb, but don’t worry!

As we just discussed, you might have taken this time away to reframe why it is that you are on social media, or what your goals are. So start by starting over with your audience. Coming back from a break is a great time to pop up on your own timeline, wave, say hi and tell people what you are all about again.

And, as I’m always saying (!), engage. I saw a great post this week from a local stallholder at our Market who had been away for most of August. She put up a post to say she was back and asked everyone to comment with what they are run out of since she’s been away. This is a great idea, you’ll get loads of comments, likes, shares – all good stuff for showing the pesky algorithm that your account has still got it – and she now knows exactly what to bring along to her first market back. Genius!

So remember, taking a break is beneficial, don’t let it worry you, just think about how you want to come back to ensure that you can continue to go from strength to strength.

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