Giving Good Grid: Do you need the Instagram grid look to succeed?


I do love a good Instagram grid pattern. It wasn’t something that I’ve always loved, at first I thought it was all a bit too much. A bit pretentious maybe? I mean, I know Instagram is all about lovely pictures but applying the same filter to every photo, taking pics of things with the same colour highlights, tweaking another chic flatlay, it all seemed a bit…

Fast forward to last year and suddenly, along with a lot of other things, Instagram and I just… clicked. I mean, I knew Instagram before, but now we’ve seriously levelled up in our ongoing relationship to a BFF social media friends status.

So yeah, I love a good grid, but do you need one? It’s a question I often ponder, mostly whilst looking lovingly at some of the grids I’ve created in the last year. Check out Creative Construction, which is one of my favourites. 

What does having a good Instagram grid do for you?

People want a reason to follow you and a way to make a connection with you. That’s what we’re all doing here on social media, making connections. So a grid pattern, use of the same filters/colours, icons on your highlights, a nice brand colour scheme; these are all going to make you stand out from the crowd and are another chance to show someone what you are all about.

But there are no hard and fast rules. Some accounts have millions of followers and just post as they fancy, their draw is the content they’re sharing, the value they bring or the connections that their audience are making in the comments of their posts, no patterns required.

What’s best for *your* grid?

I think it’s one where the answer lies in what’s best for your audience and what’s best for your style of posting. If you tend to take pictures and then post straight away, have a good flow from snap to caption to posting, you might not want to add an extra step into that. Thinking about editing images, applying filters and all that jazz could just lead to you not posting at all, so it’s worth thinking if you want to invest time in it.

Think about your own habits on Instagram, you’re often quite a good reflection of your own audience. Are you attracted to grid patterns, matching colours and impeccable iPhone photography? What makes you hit like, check out a profile page, decide to follow? If you find it is something you consider, you might find a few little tweaks on your own grid could really turn up your kerbside appeal.

As always, this is something that I’ve been thinking about whilst working for my lovely clients, alone with my laptop. So feel free to get in touch and let me know your thoughts. Or find out what it’s like to work with me, and let’s chat about how we can create an Instagram grid for your business that you love. I’m always up for a coffee, locally or virtually.

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