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Single-Tasking or Multi-Tasking? Just Don’t Forget to Task!


I love a good productivity read. Whether it’s a book or a blog, I’m there. 5 tips for a better morning routine. Yep. 5 tips to stop you checking your phone every 10 seconds. Click. 10 things all those people you want to be do before 5am. Check. I know that it is click bait, but I can’t help it, I’ll click every time. I don’t know what it is. I think I know myself pretty well, I think I’m self...

This Girl Can? How About #thiswomancan?


Listening to the radio this morning I heard a segment about the #thisgirlcan campaign run by Sport England. This campaign has been running for a while now. It is reaching out to women and encouraging them to be more active. Research showed that one of the main reasons that women don’t exercise is that they are worried about judgement and how they look when they do. This campaign aims to...

Reducing My Screen Time  —  The Lightbulb Moment


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my use of social media. On a quest to reduce my screen time I was reminded of the words of a wise friend of mine. She said that since she’d had kids her social interaction had gone down but her social media use had soared. ‘I used to spend all my time with my friends, now I just spend all that time on Facebook.’ I think it’s a common problem whether or not...

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