Have You Got What it Takes to Work Remotely?


Being a digital nomad, working from a co-working space, taking your laptop with you onto the beach. The remote working life promises so much. But does it deliver? And how can you be sure you are up to it? Here are a few key areas that you might want to consider before taking the plunge. Work Remotely from any Timezone So, where in the world are you working from this week? Or more importantly...

Freelancing is Like Running and Other Marathon Analogies


One of the things that I’ve consciously done since I started freelancing is to build my own virtual watercooler. As you can see from my previous posts, I was never the natural networker. In fact, I now often describe my networking at previous office-based jobs as ‘whatever events were offering free cake and time out of the office.’ As you can probably tell, I didn’t see...

Freelancing and the Never Ending Salary Discussion


I read this article from Independents United about salary transparency with interest. I will fully admit that I have always been someone who never really wanted to talk about salary. I’m nosy enough to want to know what someone else earns but if that means I have to say how much I earn, suddenly I’m not so interested. However, having just started out as a freelancer, I’m also realising that...

Networking — not as big and scary as you think


There are lots of things that you tell yourself you don’t like. For me, at work, networking is at the top of that list. I’ve always felt like it is a skill that I don’t have whilst everyone else is just out there, meeting new and fresh contacts daily whilst busily following up with everyone they met last week and doing amazing ‘networking’ business I can never hope to access at glamorous...

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