Being a Buffer Ambassador – the next step on my Buffer journey


**Full disclosure – I have received payment for writing this blog. I will be wearing a pair of Buffer socks with pride, in exchange for a few words about how and why I use Buffer! A fair swap I feel. And part of my growing SaaS sock collection alongside my MailChimp socks.** Beginning my Buffer journey I remember when I first heard about Buffer. I was at an event listening to a talk about...

My Reading List Highlights And My Quest For Quality Content


I’ve decided to start a regular(ish) round up of what I’m currently reading. Yes, there are so many similar lists out there. As content creators and marketers we all know the magic of the list post. Easy and quick to write, looks good with images and numbered bullets (translation: very scannable content) and quick to share. However, I’ve started to find it harder and harder to discover quality...

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