I’m Laura, and I run Digital Deconstructed. It’s a small agency that works with established SMEs to take apart their digital problems and build solutions that help them reach their goals.


If you are constantly being told that you ‘should’ be doing things like creating content, posting on social media, looking at the SEO on your website or setting up an email list then Digital Deconstructed is here to take apart what that means for your business and build you a solution that helps you reach your business goals.


Latest stories

This Girl Can? How About #thiswomancan?


Listening to the radio this morning I heard a segment about the #thisgirlcan campaign run by Sport England. This campaign has been running for a while now. It is reaching out to women and encouraging them to be more active. Research showed that one of the main reasons that women don’t exercise is that they are worried about judgement and how they look when they do. This campaign aims to...

Freelancing and the Never Ending Salary Discussion


I read this article from Independents United about salary transparency with interest. I will fully admit that I have always been someone who never really wanted to talk about salary. I’m nosy enough to want to know what someone else earns but if that means I have to say how much I earn, suddenly I’m not so interested. However, having just started out as a freelancer, I’m also realising that...

2017: My Year of Video


Late in December I saw that my online friend and all-round nice guy Paul Thomson had challenged himself to do #365daysofvideo in 2017. His aim is to record video of some kind every day in 2017. My first thought on this was — eek! That’s a lot of video! But as with the best ideas, after that it got me thinking. I’ve recently launched my own video podcast; Follow Me: Social Media Perspectives and I...

6 Practical Tips for Your Very First Video Podcast (With a Guest)


In the last two weeks I’ve recorded my first video podcast and vlog. Here are 6 things that I learnt. I wanted to pass them on here so you don’t end up with outtakes like this — although to be fair I’ve warmed to the outtakes since I recorded them. 1. What Can Everyone See Behind You? I recorded my first video where I have all my video calls — from my dining room table with the window behind me...

Follow Me: Social Media Perspectives — Episode 1 with Kat Loughrey


I’m so pleased to share my new video podcast with you all. I’m always having such great conversations with people about social and content. I find new stories and perspectives so refreshing and inspiring so I’ve started my own podcast to capture them. Follow Me: Social Media Perspectives will feature a different guest each time to share their insights into their niche, how they create content...

Networking — not as big and scary as you think


There are lots of things that you tell yourself you don’t like. For me, at work, networking is at the top of that list. I’ve always felt like it is a skill that I don’t have whilst everyone else is just out there, meeting new and fresh contacts daily whilst busily following up with everyone they met last week and doing amazing ‘networking’ business I can never hope to access at glamorous...

My Reading List Highlights And My Quest For Quality Content


I’ve decided to start a regular(ish) round up of what I’m currently reading. Yes, there are so many similar lists out there. As content creators and marketers we all know the magic of the list post. Easy and quick to write, looks good with images and numbered bullets (translation: very scannable content) and quick to share. However, I’ve started to find it harder and harder to discover quality...

Winging It – The Art of Doing Things Well


When I taught English as a foreign language I was horrified at the start of my first year when one of the teachers I worked with taught his students the phrase ‘winging it’ in the context of him ‘winging’ his lesson with them as he hadn’t prepared. When I first started teaching I would never had done that, how could I wing it when I had a class full of students looking at me expecting a planned...

Reducing My Screen Time  —  The Lightbulb Moment


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my use of social media. On a quest to reduce my screen time I was reminded of the words of a wise friend of mine. She said that since she’d had kids her social interaction had gone down but her social media use had soared. ‘I used to spend all my time with my friends, now I just spend all that time on Facebook.’ I think it’s a common problem whether or not...

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