Letters from a Hopeful Creative – Download the Doodle Page


I love listening to podcasts, but it isn’t often that I come across one that I have to listen to, every week, as soon as it comes out.

Letters from a Hopeful Creative, by Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington, is one of those. Mondays is podcast day and I make time to listen to their weekly episode.

At this time in my business it is a little bit like they launched a podcast just at the time that I started working on my business more strategically, and then broke down all the things I worry or reflect on, and tackled them one by one, week by week.

So, to celebrate all that I love about the podcast, I’ve created this Doodle Page for you to use when you are listening. Free From Screens is my little creative side hustle where I create colouring and doodle sheets for you to take some time out and enjoy.

Download this one, print, and doodle/take notes while you listen to the podcast.


Letter From A Hopeful Creative - Download the Doodle Page by Laura Winton

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